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唐时期的瓷器不仅光洁玉润,象征着人性的饱满和谐。色调上更好用冷色调,清雅而不浮夸,从某中意义上说,也能反映出当时儒道中清谈无为 ,不与世争,戒骄戒躁的人文精神本质。在器形上也多崇尚大气圆和。在茶具上,唐宋茶具多以托盏,托杯为主,直接影响到日韩,而后来的茶具,多倾向于盖碗,明清式提梁壶,紫砂,因此也很少见到唐宋时期的茶具样式了。

Porcelain in the Tang Dynasty is not only smooth and jade, it also symbolizes the fullness and harmony of human nature. The color tone is better to use cool colors, which are elegant and not exaggerated. In a sense, it can also reflect the humanistic spirit of Confucianism and Taoism at that time, not fighting with the world, guarding against arrogance and impetuosity. In the shape of the vessel, it also advocates the atmosphere and harmony. In terms of tea sets, the tea sets in the Tang and Song Dynasties were mostly receptacles and cups, which directly affected Japan and South Korea. Later tea sets tended to be bowls, Ming-Qing style lifting pots, and purple sand. Therefore, they are rarely seen in the Tang and Song Dynasties Style of tea set.

酱釉托瓷烛台”亦称“生瓷”,反瓷瓷雕是一种用瓷土作胎,胎上雕琢纹饰,直接以素胎生烧的瓷器。明代万历时期景德镇窑始烧,清代同治、光绪年间烧反瓷雕瓷文房雅玩为多见。这件反瓷龙舟属于瓷雕或瓷塑,是一件颇为别致物品。 反瓷初胎土是用典型的景德镇高岭土制成,矿物组成部分除高岭石外,还含有多量石英和云母,以产于景德镇高岭村而得名。胎土淘炼精细,胎质细密,有滑腻感,烧成的反瓷制品,如骨似玉,别具特色。   古人曾有“邢瓷类银、越瓷类玉”和“邢瓷类雪、越瓷类冰”之说,反瓷与之相比有过之而无不及。它无釉彩,但洁白来自天然;它器型美而结构复杂,但又疏朗有余不见窄。陶瓷史上以德化白瓷、石湾广均以及景德镇加彩瓷塑最著,清代雍正朝协理景德镇窑务的六十四为著名的瓷雕家,瓷雕在乾隆期最盛行。   嘉、道时王炳荣、陈国治是享誉国内的雕瓷大师,反瓷瓷雕生 。

"Sauce-glazed porcelain candle holders" are also known as "raw porcelain". Anti-porcelain porcelain carving is a kind of porcelain that uses porcelain clay as the womb, carved and decorated on the womb, and directly burned with the original womb. The Jingdezhen kiln was first fired in the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty and Tongzhi, In the Guangxu period, it is common to see the elegant play of anti-porcelain carving porcelain. This anti-porcelain dragon boat belongs to porcelain carving or porcelain sculpture. It is a rather unique object.  The anti-porcelain primordial soil is made of typical Jingdezhen kaolin and is composed of minerals. In addition to kaolinite, some of them also contain a lot of quartz and mica, which are named after being produced in Gaoling Village, Jingde Town. The fetal soil is finely refined, the fetus is fine and smooth, and the fired anti-porcelain products are like bones like jade. Unique features.    The ancients once said "Xing porcelain type silver, Yue porcelain type jade" and "Xing porcelain type snow, Yue porcelain type ice". Compared with anti-porcelain, it has no glaze. But the whiteness comes from nature; it is beautiful in shape and complex in structure, but it is not narrow. In the history of ceramics, the most famous ceramics are Dehua white porcelain, Shiwan Guangjun, and Jingdezhen Jiacai porcelain sculptures. The Qing Dynasty Yongzheng dynasty associate manager of Jingdezhen kilns Sixty-four is a famous porcelain sculptor. Porcelain carving was most popular during the Qianlong period.    Jia, Dao Shi Wang Bingrong, and Chen Guozhi are well-known domestic porcelain masters who were born in anti-porcelain carving.

唐代的瓷器以单色釉为主,然而陶器却有十分富丽 的彩釉。这种彩釉陶一般有黄、绿、紫、褐、蓝等色,近年来还才发现有黑色釉。而此酱釉托瓷烛台,外观优美,藏品独一无二,是收藏的不二之选。

The porcelain of the Tang Dynasty was dominated by monochromatic glaze, but the pottery had very rich colored glaze. This kind of colored glaze pottery is generally available in yellow, green, purple, brown, blue and other colors. Black glaze has only been discovered in recent years. This sauce-glazed porcelain candle holder has a beautiful appearance and a unique collection. It is the best choice for collection.