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Fossils, the remains, relics, or relics of ancient creatures buried in the ground and turned into stone-like things. Studying fossils can understand the evolution of organisms and help determine the age of the strata. The remains of ancient animals or plants preserved in the rocks of the earth's crust or evidence of the existence of the remains are called fossils. From ancient times to the present, fossils have appeared.


Simply put, a fossil is a stone made from the remains or remains of creatures living in the distant past. In the long geological age, countless creatures have lived on the earth, and many of the remains of these creatures after death or the traces left over from their lives were buried by the sand at that time. In the following years, the organic matter in the remains of these creatures was completely decomposed, and the hard parts such as the shell, bones, branches and leaves, together with the surrounding sediments, were petrified and turned into stone, but their original shape and structure (even Some subtle internal structures) still remain; similarly, the traces left by living creatures can also be preserved in this way. We call these fossilized biological remains and remains as fossils.


Egg fossils are very precious paleontological fossils. They were first discovered in the Cretaceous strata of Provence in southern France in 1869. Because there are not many egg fossils found worldwide. What you see is generally the calcareous shell of eggs. Eggs with some kind of embryo fossils are rarely found. It is difficult to tell which type of organism the egg fossils found are produced. Therefore, in a long period of time, the research work on egg fossils has not made important progress. The protection of the egg fossil group lies in nature, but in keeping its original state. If it is excavated from the existing geological environment, its scientific value and other values will be greatly lost. The complete preservation of this collection has high research value and collection value is a rare collection.